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T-Craft Aluminium Boats

T-Craft is a member of the Legacy Marine Group and is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and specialises in the construction of innovative and high quality aluminium vessels.

Since 2004 T-Craft has grown its build portfolio into three distinct product ranges.

T-Craft Boats

The T-Craft boats consist of the AG, KF and KFX Ranges. T-Craft boats typically range from 3.5 meters to 10 meters in length and include our proprietary Maxi hull designs, offering 30% more internal deck space over conventional hull designs. These boats are also available through our accredited distributors and are supplied and supported directly from our factory.

Modcat and Mod-barge Platforms

Modcat Catamarans with their innovative Sponson hulls provide cost effective commercial marine options as Cargo, Work-boat, Ferry, Hospitality and Utility platforms while the Mod-Barge provided high payload and durable commercial option for operators.

Modcats and Mod-Barge designs due to their unique design philosophy, allow our team to infinitely engineer the platform to the client requirements with regards to payload and strength.

These platforms range from 6 meters to 21 meters with competitive acquisition and delivery costs. These platforms are available directly from our yard and are supplied in modules capable of being containerized and re-assembled at the clients launch site.

Legacy Cats

Legacy Cat's are purpose built planing catamarans that provide waterborne solutions in the Oil and Gas, Dive Support, Research and Off-shore work vessel arenas. Legacy Cat vessels typically range from 7 meters - 22 meters. These vessels are also available directly from our yard and are constructed to client specifications.

Please feel free to view our vessels and we invite you to contact us should you be interested in becoming a T-Craft owner.


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